About Us

Premier Wood Winners established in 2015 prides its self on individually made craftsman furniture and we are one of the few furniture brands which can offer such unique and high quality style at such affordable pricing. Foremost among our values is creating quality furniture and a deep commitment to people and relationships.

We are Premier Wood Winners pride ourselves of being magnificent example of a modern furniture brand that puts their customers first.

Our success has been largely marked by our “quality first “pursuit of product longevity and design.

Since inception our focus has been to quality above quantity and this principal has been our products reaching even the overseas market and wide spread prominence associated with our brand.

Renowned in the field of custom made Hospitality Resort furniture as well s custom made home furniture products, we deal with the mid to high end clients segments who are serious about quality and one of a kind design.

Specializing in thoughtfully designed innovative products for the way people work, play and relax is our forte.


  • Customize products to match with customer requirements
  • We do High End Luxury furniture as well as general furniture
  • High quality wood seasoned in house by chemical pressure & Kiln Drying
  • Using of high accuracy and quality machinery of world class European & Japanese brands
  • Affordable rates
  • Modern luxury as well as old world charm as per the requirement
  • Specialized on Hospitality furniture supply
  • High capacity & on time completion
  • Well-equipped factory and well experienced staff

What are the wood & materials we use?

Locally available solid wood such as Teak, Mahogany, Jack, Kumbuk ,etc. Along with Pine Wood and we use Eco Boards for some products as per the customers ‘requirement.

Our Team

Our expert team will assist with your furniture design and selections to ensure your hotel, resort or home has the WOW factor at the best possible price.
Since we are perfectly capable of producing long lasting high quality furniture, we also understand the longevity and functionality of a piece of furniture; hence every item is planned and crafted with the utmost care to ensure nothing but the best quality.
Therefore, our customers never turn to mainstream manufacturers, and this is why we stand apart from the crowd, we value quality, durability and offer the best value.

Our Work Labs

We boast the best state of the art equipment for design and build. Being at the fore front in cutting edge technology is important to us, because we desire only to provide the very best quality to our clients. We have imported our machines from Europe and happen, ensuring that we are on par with the larger international brands in the market.

We are small enough to offer personalized service, but equipped to be scalable, to manufacture larger numbers with quality in mind.

Our Commitment

Each piece of Premier Wood Winner’s furniture is created to provide exceptional performance with minimal care.
Premier Wood Winners has always demanded painstaking to detail – and tats still true today. We employ modern technology and traditional craftsmanship to carry on standards of fit, finish , hardware and construction.

We source materials locally, in order to create a unique look and feel to the pieces in our product line . We are committed to ethical sourcing.
Also, we are committed to providing a safe workplace and to maintaining sound and sustainable business practices for the benefit of our employees, shareholders, community, and customers. We pledge to conserve raw materials and natural resources while recycling and reducing waste, to promote the use of raw materials and natural resources which contribute to clean air and water, and to strive to use non-toxic, renewable and recyclable materials whenever possible.

Our Employees

Employees involvement at every level is considered a major component of meeting of our goals and objectives. We work hard to protect human rights and safety of the people who produce our products. We believe that protecting our employees and environment is the right thing to do. That is why we pledge to promote sound and sustainable business practices for the benefit of all these who depend upon us now and for those will depend upon us in years to come.

Our International particiaption

Build Expo – Maldives – 2024 – January

Hotel Asia Maldives- 2024 May